In House Training

Paloma Consulting are passionate about conducting effective training. Our In-House courses are designed for organisations who wish to develop their continuous improvement capability.  We offer a range of courses designed to cater for awareness of improvement methodologies through to practitioner, leader and expert level primarily in Lean and Six Sigma. We offer a logical progression for organisations who wish to tailor their peoples' skills development in stages. Our courses are adapted for engineering, back office, manufacturing, supply change and customer facing roles.

The Lean and Six Sigma Yellow Belt course provides a good grounding in the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies and prepares candidates to be able to contribute to Green and Black Belt improvement teams.

The Foundation Lean and  Six Sigma Green Belt course and prepares candidates for leading small size projects. A small amount of statistics is covered using excel workbooks. (No special software required) 

The Lean and Six Sigma Green Belt course also prepares candidates for leading small-medium size projects but with a much bigger focus on the statistical tools and techniques. This course includes development of candidate problem solving skills and application of Minitab statistical software

The Green to Black Belt course provides more comprehensive coverage of Six Sigma techniques and project management skills preparing candidates to lead larger and more complex projects. Many people go on to become full time practitioners after completion of this course. This course is only suitable for people who already possess an accredited Green Belt certificate. 

We also provide 8D, Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for individuals getting started on their continuous improvement career and Master Black Belt certification for those individuals who wish to develop their careers further.

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