Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council first engaged Paloma Consulting Limited to provide training to a select team within the council responsible for Service Transformation.

The team worked on projects throughout the training to directly apply the learning's to improve process and services to realise efficiencies within the council. The candidates worked on such projects as reducing the cycle time to become a library member, reducing defective pavements and roads, reducing abandoned calls within the taxi licensing department, improving children's services and reducing defective illuminated street furniture. The training was based on the Six Sigma (DMAIC) methodology to minimise process variation together with application of Lean tools to reduce waste within processes. During the training Paloma also provided onsite project reviews to monitor the progress of the candidates with their projects and provide valuable one on one coaching on the tools and techniques.

Following this training Paloma worked closely with the Sandwell and the Service Transformation team to bespoke the training material further before completing a further two waves of Service Transformation training. The training provided the candidates with a number of different tools and skills to undertake Service Transformation projects and make beneficial and long lasting change within the processes and services. Paloma also provided workshops on project selection to enable the council to focus their efforts on the key areas.

Paloma's consultants all made the training both informative and enjoyable. They taught our staff to apply the tools and techniques to the council's processes and services by providing relevant examples and assigning time during training to practice the tools in class and get direct feedback in a safe environment.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Paloma Consulting Limited to any company who is considering implementing Six Sigma and Lean methodology and that is looking for an expert service provider that can take a complicated subject, demystify it and adapt their material and training approach to meet the needs and requirements of their customers."

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Karen Canavan
Principal Organisational Development Officer
Training and Development Centre
Popes Lane, Oldbury, West Midlands.