Reliance Secure Task Management appointed Paloma Consulting as its training provider to deliver process improvement training and coaching for practitioners and project sponsors.

Paloma helped us develop the constituents of our improvement programme entitled "Delivering the Reliance Difference". They helped us select suitable projects, candidates, and coached project sponsors, practitioners and management to ensure improvements were delivered quickly and in a sustainable manner. 2 waves of "Delivering the Reliance Difference" process improvement training were conducted along with 2 Project Sponsor courses. Follow up coaching was provided for 28 of our process improvement practitioners onsite, by email and by telephone. Over 20 successful projects have been completed. Course materials were tailored around the needs and requirements of RSTM and course timings were tailored around peak prisoner transportation days.

Successful projects included topics such as reducing criminal fingerprint process cycle time, leading to improved conviction rates, reducing cycle times for recruitment of custody officers, improving on time delivery of prison vehicles to courtrooms, reduced custody staff attrition rates, improved vehicle fleet management, better segmentation between juvenile and adult prisoners and reduced video identity procedures times for criminal suspects, in other words helping RSTM to serve the community.

Throughout, Paloma consultants were professional and knowledgeable. We would have no hesitation in recommending Paloma Consulting to other companies wishing to improve processes, improve customer service and reduce cost.

Charmyn Hall
Human Resources Director