Paloma first became involved with Britannic when they ran a six sigma executive session for the Group Britannic Assurance board.

They then taught three waves of six sigma green / black belts and we plan to use them to train a further three waves and our master black belts.
They have conducted several on site and email project reviews and helped us develop our deployment strategy. They exhibit high standards and a drive for results via appropriate use of the relevant six sigma tools. They have considerable experience of lean enterprise, which they bring to bear in our six sigma project reviews and coaching sessions. They also pay attention to the soft skills needed to turn our blackbelt and greenbelt candidates into effective process improvement consultants using role plays.
They ensure there is always a link, not only between strategy and project metrics, but also with the financial benefits of our chosen improvement projects.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Paloma very highly to any company who is considering implementing setting out on a six sigma journey. I would also recommend them to any company who has tried six sigma but has had limited success. They will shake out the deployment defects and ensure you achieve a return on your investment.

Pete Winterton.png

Peter Winterton
Six Sigma Deployment Leader
Master Black Belt
Britannic Management Services Limited
1 Wythall Green Way