Paloma Consulting first became involved with Rexnord Corporation in Milwaukee when they ran a series of Six Sigma Champion workshops for 74 US and Brazil plant managers and corporate HQ staff.

They repeated the Champion workshops for 22 plant managers and senior managers at our European plants. As Rexnord's Six Sigma program developed, they taught a further 34 US plant Champions and 17 European based plant champions.

Paloma trained me as a Master Black Belt

They also trained 3 US waves of Black Belts in Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Dallas and Raleigh & 2 waves of Black Belts in our European plants in France, Germany, Belgium, Holland and Italy. Language constraints required them to conduct the training in French and German.

Paloma helped me form Rexnord's Six Sigma council. We were able to develop a robust Green Belt training and certification programme using internal Black Belts. From the ranks of our certified Green Belts we found new Black Belt candidates for the Green Belt to Black Belt conversion courses run by Paloma in Milwaukee and Knoxville. Paloma was responsible for project reviews and certification of every Black Belt in Rexnord's US and European factories.

Their high standards, constant drive for results via appropriate use of the relevant Six Sigma tools, and attention to detail in project reviews, meant that Rexnord was able to use the first and second waves of blackbelts as trainers, mentors and reviewers for subsequent waves of Green Belts in regional groups. Our Black Belts have conducted many gage studies on our measurement systems and several designs of experiments in our plastics plants which have significantly helped our competitiveness in the market.

I would recommend Paloma very highly indeed to any organisation considering the deployment of Six Sigma. I would also recommend Paloma to those corporations who have had problems with the success of their Six Sigma deployments. Paloma's team of Master Black Belts will find your deployment defects, and get your organisation back on track so that you achieve high returns on your investment in Six Sigma.

Jeffrey R. Stumpe, P.E., ASQ – CQE, CQM, CQA
Six Sigma Master Black Belt
Director Quality Systems & Six Sigma
Rexnord Industries, Inc.
4701 W Greenfield Avenue, Milwaukee