I was trained as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and then as a Black Belt by Paloma Consulting

I found Paloma's approach to be very focused on delivering a proper return on investment via use of a structured methodology which was taught very pragmatically, while respecting the statistical rigour of delivering evidence to confirm or reject suppositions. I was given clear advice on how best to understand and describe unclear customer needs in a quantitative manner, how to identify and correct inadequate measurement systems which were leading to excess waste and cost and to capture and narrow down possible process inputs to find the inputs at a supplier that were causing customer dissatisfaction. There was also a clear focus on ensuring control systems were in place to sustain the gains the improvement teams had generated. I have found the skills Paloma taught me to be of immense value to me and to my organization in my role as Global Manager Business Process Improvement. The skill set provided has provided a strong foundation for success which I utilize daily to achieve excellence in the pursuit of Cost Productivity. The positives from my Paloma experience provided the drive for me to pursue and obtain MBB certification after transitioning to my current role.

I would be very happy to recommend Paloma Consulting Limited to other organisations wishing to improve efficiency and save cost.

Jeff Jentsch PMP, CPIM, CIRIM, C.P.M.
Global Manager Business Process Improvement
Control Products & Solutions – Plant Services
Rockwell Automation