Rapid Improvement Deployment

Do you want to improve the efficiencies of your processes? Do you have the resources to improve your processes? Do you have an effective internal structure to deploy these resources? Do some of your staff lack the skill-sets to sustain on-going improvement activity?

Our experts can help you quickly develop internal skills. We use a hands-on, just-do-it approach to identify and eliminate wasted business resource. Effective waste elimination has a direct impact on improving profitability. Our approach is to develop your people to understand wasted opportunity. We coach them to manage effective change that will significantly benefit your organisation’s effectiveness.

Rapid improvement events are typically deployed within a period of between 2 and 5 days. In our experience, rapid improvement techniques that prove to have quick and effective impact include:

- 5S Implementation workshops

- Efficient organisation of the workplace

- Creating safe and ergonomic environment

- Waste identification and elimination workshops

- Making materials and information flow efficiently

- Reducing the effect of change-over time

- Ensuring critical equipment is always in a ready to use state

If you have a need to improve your organisational efficiencies, we can tailor an event that meets your specific needs.

If you already have experience of waste elimination using rapid improvement events but feel they are losing focus, we can advise on how to refocus your initiative.

View some project deployments here:

Reduce the number of customer parcels held for re-packing

Reducing document delivery delays

Improving site services

RIE reduces dishwasher tablet defects by over 50%

Changeover time reduced in bottling process by 50% in a week

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