Shop Direct - Improving the home shopping experience

Shop Direct is the UK's leading online and home shopping that puts its customers at the heart of the business. Customer 1st, launched by the board in 2005, represents Shop Direct's long-term commitment to creating a customer-focused culture which is at the very heart of the company's thinking.

Shop Direct Group

Dedicated to improving every aspect of the shopping experience, Shop Direct aims to make life easy for its customers, giving them great ideas and making purchase, delivery and payment fast and simple.

Shop Direct's improvement partner, Paloma Consulting, worked extensively in its warehouses, distribution centres, call centres, financial services, buying and merchandising, and headquarters across 16 locations to help build capability in improvement methodologies that create a customer-focused culture. 

Based around well-proven quality principles, Shop Direct Group continues to train its staff in a range of improvement techniques designed to tackle every aspect of the business, as viewed from a customer perspective.

Lead and sponsored from the top, many separate projects are transforming the overall customer experience and improving the effectiveness of our organisation.

Today, Shop Direct Group is a leading brand created from the merger of two dynamic home shopping names and is harnessing the latest online technology and expertise to drive the business towards a total customer-led vision.

Shop Direct Group