Huf withstands stiff competition

Huf UK is a supplier of car access and immobilisation products to the automotive industry. To ensure its competitiveness, the company chose to review how it functioned as a progressive manufacturing business within the tough and aggressive automotive supply base.


Working together with Paloma Consulting, Huf UK identified opportunities to apply various continuous improvement processes across all its business functions. As a result, the company was able to change its whole culture by using the structured disciplined approach tailored to each function within the business.

"With sales on the increase, the gains we have achieved have not only been in hard cash," said Julian Dawes, Managing Director of Huf UK, "Paloma's approach has also enabled us to withstand stiff competition from Eastern Europe and the Far East."  Huf UK was also highlighted as the most improved company within the international Huf Group.

Commenting on Paloma Consulting, Dawes added, "Paloma always ensure there is a link, not only between project metrics and strategy, but also with the financial benefits of our chosen improvement projects. In fact, Paloma insist on this financial link to ensure projects gain real credibility.

"Paloma's consultants are great facilitators of training and project programmes, with the soft skills needed to turn our people into effective process improvement consultants. They also have outstanding people and business process skills and as a consequence have always been able to adjust quickly to our needs, to identify sources of friction and roadblocks, and propose workable solutions."

Julian Dawes
Managing Director - Huf UK Ltd